#getupgetoutandGO is the title of our new tap and music video. It's about embracing change. Move or be moved. I believe that tap dancers are tremendous at adaptation, improvisation and change. It takes so much sacrifice, effort and faith to practice our art form, while the ground is constantly shifting. To be a tap dancer is to be a true improviser of life, in every sense.

Recently, I listened to an NPR podcast that featured an interview with Cathy Hughes. In the span of forty years, Cathy built a successful, 400 million dollar radio empire, from scratch, mostly on her own. The whole interview is really remarkable, (it took her 32 banks before she got her first business loan), but the one phrase that jumped out at me from the interview was her mantra: "grow or go." It's the moment when you choose to roll over, or you choose to keep kicking. But in order to keep kicking, you have to take a leap into the most uncomfortable place you've never been.

Grow or go. You can be small and stifle your dreams, or you can be large and contain multitudes, (but that also means you will be overwhelmed, working all of the time, constantly churning, living on the edge to keep your dream alive). Growing in one's artistry is painful, scary, frustrating and lonely, but it is also purely exhilarating.

Grow big or go home.

So, in a few weeks, Take It Away Dance is moving out of its little home at 1525 North Bailey Street to a studio twice its size at 2511 West Girard Avenue. It was an easy decision, in a lot of ways, because if we didn't move, we would have stayed small. We are all about change, risk, going for it, being up for anything. That's tap dance.

We couldn't have a better soundtrack for this video than the music of Philly band, Johnny Popcorn. There will be a few surprises in the video as well. Keep up with us as we gear up to #getupgetoutandgo.